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Réflexion d'automne in TOP 10 on Broadjam

Some news about the Desert Winds Album:

The track "Réflexion d'automne" is actually in 3rd position in the Broadjam site contest called "Two's company". This contest puts in competition duet compositions, any combinations of 2 instruments or voices, and is open to any musician that is member. The rating are also related to performance, which means that the song should be well executed.

It is actually difficult to say how many songs have been submitted to this contest but the site Broadjam that is very popular, includes several thousands of members and composers.

It is a good news that confirms that the song has been inspired and is well performed.

That's not all ! Another song, Moon Circus, is actually in 11th place in the contest "All bets are off" that includes all music genres and any type of group.

This results are temporary and will change again. We expect the standings to get better and even reach the first position.

This contest gives the winners, lots of studio equipment, radio airplay and a international visibility.

To follow the actual standing of the track, visit:




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