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Lansig Artem -- Utilisation and services conditions

Privacy policies

For us, the respect and preservation of personal data is a priority. Please read below for further understanding of our policies.

Retrieval and personal data usage

Lansig Artem keep traces of some personal information that could be used to identity you when you open, get access or use some products or services on the Lansig Artem website. When you register yourself on the Lansig Artem website, we ask for some personal information to make sure we can identity you precisely. Information as your email and street addresses, names, phone numbers These informations are necessary for the delivery of the products and or precise identification for invoicing pruposes. When you get access to the website, some information as the IP address might be usedmostly to log the origine of our visitors and to prevent fraud or abuse of the system. Other complementary information that are optional are used mostly for statistical reference. Your user identification and password are necessary to identify you as a unic regsitered user.

While buying or using Lansig Artem products or services or the website, we guarantee that we will never rent, lease or give your personal information to any third instance or individual. Consequently, for the protection of your data, no credit card, banking, or financial information is ever held in our server at any time. In fact, we never see nor record this information ever!

Personal data and modification

Lansig Artem allows you to modify your personal data at any time or even to delete it by accessing to the personal details page.

Lansig Artem (« cookies »)

By navigating on the Lansig Artem website, cookies about your location or your identification may be copied to your computer and be accessed when needed to simplify and better your experience on our website. These little packets of informations are completely harmless and can not do any damage or execute any action at all on your computer. Only our website when you're connected tothe site with your computer can we have access to them. Cookies are not, as some pretend, some kind of virus or something that generate "Pop-up windows". No other entity than us can have access to the cookies created by us.

Modification on this policy.

Lansig Artem and its administration keep the right to change at anytime the content of this policy for whatever reason we consider valuable. Any new change in this policy become effective as soon as posted on the Lansig Artem website. If major changes should happen, we would indicate it on the website news section.

Questions and commentaries

If you have any question or would like to submit some suggestions, please complete this contact form to send this to us.Contact





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