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Moon Circus in good position to win an international song contest

Some news about the Desert Winds Album:

The track "Moon Circus" is actually in 2nd position in the Broadjam site contest called "All bets are off". All the chances are still there for bringing the track on top and to make it win the contest! All is not set, yet!

This contest puts in competition songs from all types of bands. May it be a rock, folk or a small jazz band, all are welcome to submit their stuff. This category is in fact, the largest in terms of participation and is, by the fact, the most competitive!

To follow the actual standing of the track, visit:

"Congratulation for an album quite well composed and played. It gives me goose pimples,(frissons). I like it a lot and I listen to it often. Keep-up the creative work you do so well."
Mariette Gendron
Ingenieur Domestic
Canyon Country, États-Unis d'Amérique



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