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Nice review from Matthew Warnock

(review by music critic Matt Warnock)

Montreal guitarist Lansig Artem is [...] an artist, that has studied and experimented with a variety of musical idioms, which he then blends within the context of the Flamenco-jazz style. This personalized approach to modern instrumental music can be heard on his 2011 album Desert Winds, a collection of 14 Flamenco/jazz inspired pieces that feature high levels of creativity and improvisation from all involved.
What makes these songs so interesting from a compositional standpoint is the wide range of influences that creep into Artem’s writing and arranging, all while maintaining a strong hold on the Flamenco and jazz genres.
Overall, Desert Winds is an interesting and engaging record of Flamenco and jazz inspired tunes. Full of creativity and energetic performances, the album is a strong artistic statement from the Montreal guitarist, one that is sure to expand his audience and bring his music to the wider, global community.

-Matthew Warnock
(Guitar International Mag, All About Jazz, Mel Bay Publishing)




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