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A TOUCH OF LIGHT by Lansig Artem (official release)

Music and photography share some emotions in this video.

This video is related to photography and the importance of light and the dynamic of colors. It presents many beautiful photographs by renown and great photographers. It combines "A Touch of Light" a composition by canadian latin guitarist, Lansig Artem.

Discover in the video some sights of the guitarist playing in the background. Lansig Artem has been influenced by great guitarists like Steve Howe, Al DiMeola, Jesse Cook, Ottmar Liebert, John McLaughlin and also by smooth jazz and fusion groups like Acoustic Alchemy, Spyro Gyra, Steps Ahead, to name a few.

Your vote is welcome if you like it and, if you think it deserves to be better known, then feel free to share it!

"I Love!"
Gaetan L.



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